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Emerging Threats to Northern Fish, Fishers, and Ecosystems

Emerging Threats to Northern Fish, Fishers, and Ecosystems

The Arctic and subarctic are warming at a rate up to four times the global average. This rapid environmental change has untold consequences for freshwater and marine ecosystems, the fish, and the fishers relying upon them. Examples of emerging threats include increased water temperatures (e.g., heat stress), declines in prey quality (e.g., energy, lipid, or thiamine), contaminants (e.g., mercury, POPs), changes in disease and pathogens, and invasive species. Pacific salmon and other salmonids (whitefish, cisco, char) are a prime examples of key subsistence species that face several emerging threats at northern latitudes. Threats can emerge quickly as tipping points are reached or multiple stressors cause unpredictable responses.  We especially welcome presentation that include some level of co-production or implication for subsistence fishing.

Organizer: Sarah Laske, US Geological Survey, Alaska Science Center, [email protected]

Co-organizer: Vanessa von Biela

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