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Growing Fisheries Research and Management Through Angler Engagement

Growing Fisheries Research and Management Through Angler Engagement

Anglers play an important role in providing scientists and managers with valuable data about the state of our fisheries. As new methods of angler engagement become commonplace, such as the use of mobile apps to assist in reporting, anglers are becoming ever more important to fisheries research. This symposium will build off the success of similar symposia in over the past four years, highlighting a diversity of projects that have been successful at engaging anglers to achieve a research objective, a management objective, or some other meaningful fisheries goal. An important outcome of this symposium will be a better understanding of the best practices that are necessary to achieve long-term angler engagement. Consistent with our theme of engaging anglers, we are also exploring ways we can make these presentations more accessible to anglers, such as Facebook Live.

Organizer: Sean Simmons, Angler’s Atlas, [email protected]

Co-organizers: Julia Byrd, Matt Perkinson, Dayv Lowry

Supported by: Angler’s Atlas, South Carolina DNR, South Atlantic Fisheries Management Council, NOAA Fisheries

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