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Inclusive Outreach and Education for Inspiring the Next Generation

Inclusive Outreach and Education for Inspiring the Next Generation

The demographic makeup of the existing workforce is the legacy of hundreds of years of oppression, exclusion, and continued implicit reinforcement. Increasing diversity will not happen passively, but requires identifying and dismantling barriers in the system and transforming how we recruit and retain the next generation of fisheries scientists. This session will feature discussing outreach and education initiatives in academia and for the public with the intention of advancing diversity and inclusion in the fisheries profession. This session showcases successful long-term efforts as well as innovative and trial efforts, the process for developing inclusive outreach and education initiatives, and discussion of challenges and brainstorming solutions. Examples of potential proposals include discussing 1) outreach initiatives for diverse audiences, 2) revisions to the fisheries curriculum and teaching content, 3) workshops and training summaries for educators in improving equity, accessibility, and inclusivity.

Organizer: Emily Chen, UC Berkeley, [email protected]

Co-Organizer: Rachel Carlson, UC Davis, [email protected]

Supported by: Diversity and Inclusion Committee of WDAFS

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