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Amphidromous Post-larval Fisheries

Amphidromous Post-larval Fisheries

Amphidromous post-larval fisheries are unique and globally widespread. Despite this, they have remained largely unknown to fisheries science. Due to being data deficient, many amphidromous post-larval fisheries have been labelled as highly unsustainable regardless of whether that is the case. Furthermore, there is a wealth of traditional knowledge held by indigenous practitioners that could help inform management decisions. This special session will bring together researchers, traditional practitioners, and managers from around the world with the goal of exchanging knowledge and presenting on topics including, but not limited to, conservation, management, traditional knowledge, fishing methods and technologies. This session will bring together different case studies to reimagine what amphidromous post-larval fisheries management looks like and how to incorporate traditional knowledge into management plans.

Organizer: Andrew Watson, National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research, [email protected]

Co-organizers: Yinphan Tsang, Mike Hickford, Gerry Closs, David Schiel

Supported by: National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research

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