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Collaboration in Practice

Collaboration in Practice

The challenges associated with promoting coastal sustainability and building community resilience in environment management can be tackled through transdisciplinary approaches and cooperative efforts among stakeholders. This session will explore stakeholder engagement methods that integrate the diverse experiences and perspectives of community members. These tools will reveal what community members value in their environment and help scientists and non-scientists envision a future together. This immersive session will include activities like the game Get the Grade! and how to plan effective listening sessions. For the game, attendees will learn about different management perspectives by playing different stakeholders and advocating for their character’s interests. For planning effective listening sessions, participants will learn best practices to engage with stakeholders during and after the data collection process.

Organizer: Roshni Nair, University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science, Integration and Application Network, [email protected]

Co-organizers: Veronica Malabanan Lucchese

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