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The Art of Cross-Cultural Science Communication

The Art of Cross-Cultural Science Communication

The art of science is its ability to translate across cultural barriers. Science literacy has stayed stable over the past 20 years despite increased modes to provide access to science. Incorporating and elevating voices from communities and cultures outside of the traditional presentation of western science allows understanding of the natural world from a holistic perspective. This session welcomes alternative presentations of knowledge through various forms of artistic expression related to fisheries, aquatic ecosystems, and fish conservation. This includes poetry, films, art, photography, music, etc. The goal is to highlight the art of variation through storytelling and presenting information centering on fish conservation and fishing practices while encouraging scientists to think outside the box of traditional, data-heavy PowerPoint presentations, and share their knowledge incorporating creative artistic expression. These types of presentations are essential to sharing and understanding science because it allows scientists to communicate science more effectively to “non-science” communities.

Organizer: Gabriella Moreno, USFWS, [email protected]

Co-organizer: Natasha Wingerter

Supported by: U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Red Bluff Fish and Wildlife Office 

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