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Applications of Social Science in Fisheries

Applications of Social Science in Fisheries

The field of fisheries science has grown considerably in the past half century. However, the human aspect of fisheries management is often understudied. While great strides have been made in understanding fish populations, fisheries ultimately manage people, not fish. Social sciences help illuminate the complex human dimensions of fisheries, from individual decision-making to community resilience. The application of social sciences in fisheries is crucial for successful sustainable management of fisheries. This session invites social scientists to share recent advancements in the fisheries realm, including but not limited to the fields of: sociology, economics, policy, psychology, and interdisciplinary research. We encourage a diversity of presentations to showcase the different ways in which social sciences are applied in fisheries. The goal of this symposium is to provide a platform for social scientists to share and learn from one another, and to highlight the importance of social sciences in understanding fisheries and management.

Organizer: Gabriella Marafino, NOAA, [email protected]

Co-organizers: Jaeheon Kim, Chelsey Crandall, Mackenzie Mazur

Supported by: AFS Socioeconomics Section

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