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Reshaping Research and Centering Indigenous Communities in Fisheries Management

Reshaping Research and Centering Indigenous Communities in Fisheries Management

As we continue to grapple with environmental, aquatic, and social challenges, we invite scholars to join us in a session that seeks to identify solutions and strategies to improve the health of our fisheries and fisheries dependent communities for future generations. We invite speakers to share their experiences and methodologies ranging from Tribal co-management, Indigenous stewardship programs, co-production of knowledge, and Indigenous research methodologies. This session will highlight Tribal-led fisheries research programs, mechanisms for ensuring data sovereignty, and programs that strengthen Tribal capacity and uplift Tribal youth to carry out and be actively engaged in research and management in their home territories. We also invite Elders, and life-long Indigenous fishers to share their wisdom, knowledge, and reflections on the interconnectedness of people, fish, wellness, and critical issues impacting their communities and fisheries today. Collectively, we will identify a path forward to a more sustainable and equitable future in fisheries.

Organizer: Nicholas Jacuk, University of Alaska Fairbanks, [email protected]

Co-organizers: Sonia Ibarra, Janessa Esquible, Rachel Lekanoff, Alex Jenkins, Craig Chythlook, Janessa Newman, Tazia Wagner

Supported by: Indigenizing Salmon Science and Management, Tamamta, National Science Foundation, Association of Village Council Presidents, and Ocean Conservancy

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