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Incorporating DEIJA Activities: Where to Begin?

Incorporating DEIJA Activities: Where to Begin?

Across many levels of AFS, DEIJA initiatives are discussed and implemented to various degrees. However, the hurdle of setting a tangible goal and even the basics of where to begin to incorporate DEIJA activities can feel overwhelming and impede implementation. If you are interested in incorporating sustainable DEIJA initiatives but are overwhelmed with steps to initiate these activities or are unsure of what resources are available to you, you are not alone. The goal of this session is to create a space to learn how to begin implementing DEIJA into your daily activities via sharing successful and even unsuccessful attempts. This hybrid presentation and group discussion format will offer attendees best practices to jumpstart their efforts to implement successful and sustainable DEIJA initiatives. Members of AFS executive and DEIJA committees are especially encouraged to attend to share how to begin implementing DEIJA activities.

Organizer: Shaley Valentine, Southern Illinois University-Carbondale, [email protected]

Co-organizer: Ashley Berniche

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