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Research and Conservation of Ancient Fishes

Research and Conservation of Ancient Fishes

Scientists think the first fishes originated 400-500 million years ago. Despite many potential threats that could lead to extinction, some ancient species are extant today and could broadly inform conservation in a changing climate.  This symposium will include presentations on research (e.g., life history, population dynamics, genetics, status, cultural significance, etc.) and conservation of ancient species such as lampreys, gars, sturgeons, sharks, and other ancient species of ecological or cultural value. Through this symposium, we hope to identify connections among ancient fishes (e.g., species evolution, species persistence, ecological and cultural values, etc.) that could guide fish and aquatic conservation, management, and restoration on a changing landscape and in a changing climate.

Organizer: Julianne Harris, US Fish and Wildlife Service, [email protected]

Co-organizers: Theresa Liedtke, Christina Wang

Supported by: U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, U.S. Geological Survey

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