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Tamamta (All of Us): Exploring Positionality & Relationality in Transformational Work

Tamamta (All of Us): Exploring Positionality & Relationality in Transformational Work

The Tamamta program seeks to transform fisheries education, research, and governance systems in Alaska and beyond. We are motivated by deep systemic inequities, Indigenous erasure, racism, and continued violence against Alaska Native peoples, and we strive to uplift Tribal sovereignty, Indigenous values, governance practices, and knowledge systems. We envision a future where Indigenous Peoples and our/their knowledge and governance systems steward land, fish, and animal relations. We are working to decolonize and Indigenize our curriculum, programs, and institutions. We are hosting difficult dialogues, providing short courses, and cultural exchanges for state and federal partner agencies to join this collective transformation. In this work, we center deep relational work based on reciprocity, respect, and redistribution. This innovative session will provide an opportunity for deep reflection on positionality and relationality. We hope to share some of our learnings and create a safe space for dialogue for connecting, sharing across projects, and building relationships. All are welcome.

Organizer: Courtney Carothers, University of Alaska Fairbanks, [email protected]

Co-organizers: Sonia Ibarra

Supported by: Tamamta, Indigenizing Salmon Science & Management, National Science Foundation, University of Alaska Fairbanks

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