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Freshwater Mollusks of Ecological and Cultural Importance

Freshwater Mollusks of Ecological and Cultural Importance

Freshwater mollusks (Classes Bivalvia and Gastropoda) are largely understudied and underserved but often have significant historical and cultural significance to indigenous groups and are recognized for their vital ecological services. Freshwater mollusks are declining at rates disproportionate to other organismal groups, but these declines are often due to unknown causes or factors environmental or biological. This symposium will provide a platform for biological, cultural, ecological, political, or socioeconomic aspects of freshwater mollusk research, restoration, and/or reintroduction. The goals of this symposium are to 1) reach a wider fisheries-focused audience with the plight of freshwater mollusks, 2) connect researchers, policymakers, indigenous groups, and other mollusk professionals for cross-species collaborations and knowledge exchange, and 3) produce a special section featuring new and emerging freshwater mollusk research.

Organizer: Alexa Maine, CTUIR, [email protected]

Supported by: Confederated Tribes of the Umatilla Indian Reservation

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