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Native Freshwater Nongame Fishes: Here, There, and Everywhere

Native Freshwater Nongame Fishes: Here, There, and Everywhere

Native freshwater nongame fishes are integral to aquatic ecosystems worldwide and provide ecological, cultural, and economic value. Despite the remarkable diversity of native freshwater fishes observed here (in Hawaii), there (where you work), and everywhere (in between), there are shared commonalities in many of the threats and challenges, importance, and management actions. In the ninth-annual native fishes symposium hosted by the Western Native Fishes Committee, this symposium aims explore topics including threats to native fishes and their conservation, innovative management approaches, and successful case studies of conservation. Ultimately, this symposium will highlight native freshwater nongame fishes research and management, providing a platform to share our comprehensive knowledge on these fishes, exchange this information and experience, and develop strategies to better protect and restore populations here, there, and everywhere.

Organizer: Timothy D’Amico, Idaho Department of Fish & Game; WDAFS Western Native Fishes Committee, [email protected]

Co-organizers: Luke Schultz, Skyler Hedden, Zachary Beard

Supported by: Western Division AFS Western Native Fishes Committee

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