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Knowledge Co-production and Management Strategy Evaluation

Knowledge Co-production and Management Strategy Evaluation

The knowledge co-production broadens the net cast when establishing what is valued and ultimately how fisheries are managed. Purposeful engagement with fishing communities allows for a critical evaluation of the effectiveness of a management process as well as establishing how a resource should be valued when exploring management options. The focus of this session is to explore how stakeholder engagement within the MSE process has evolved over time as a result of previous lessons learned and shared. Contributions related to 1) engagement aimed at, and accounting for different needs, interests, and beliefs, 2) how stakeholder input impacts the metrics used to evaluate the effectiveness of management strategies, 3) how less quantifiable metric of value are accounted for, and 4) processes used to disseminate information and connect stakeholders. Through interactive discussion, the session aims to identify how the MSE process can be further refined to ensure knowledge co-production is captured and integrated in meaningful ways into the MSE process.

Organizer: Robert Ahrens, NOAA Fisheries, [email protected]

Co-organizers: Howard Townsend, Desiree Tommasi

Supported by: NOAA

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