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Northern Pike: From Fascinating to Formidable

Northern Pike: From Fascinating to Formidable

Depending on where you live, Northern Pike (Esox lucius) may be a protected native species beloved by anglers or a notorious invasive requiring extensive resources for suppression, eradication, and prevention. In the Columbia River Basin, non-native Northern Pike pose a great threat to extensive investments made to protect ESA-listed salmon and steelhead. In Alaska, where Northern Pike are both a native species and an introduced invasive species in parts of the state, management can be particularly complex. Where invasive in Alaska, they have caused extirpations of numerous salmonid populations. Even in areas like Minnesota, where Northern Pike are native, management of the species can be tricky. This symposium will provide the latest information on Northern Pike biology with the aim of being beneficial to scientists, researchers, and fish and wildlife managers, whether working with invasive or native Northern Pike populations, or simply interested in learning more about this iconic species.

Organizer: Laura Robinson, [email protected]

Co-organizer: Kristine Dunker

Supported by: Upper Columbia United Tribes, Alaska Department of Fish & Game

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