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Advanced Statistical Solutions to Complex Fisheries Problems

Advanced Statistical Solutions to Complex Fisheries Problems

Understanding how fish populations and their habitats respond and adapt to global change has become a fundamental challenge. With rapidly increasing data volume and expanding spatio-temporal extents of conservation and management problems, the role of advanced statistical methods for making valid inferences and predictions is more important than ever. Even in a world dominated by artificial intelligence, advanced statistical methods that account for multiple sources of uncertainty and spatio-temporal dependencies are critical tools for meeting the increasingly complex problems driven by global change. This symposium is designed to highlight applications of advanced spatio-temporal statistical methods to advance understanding of fisheries conservation and management. Presentations will focus on pressing topics, including accounting for sample design (inferences under preferential sampling), extrapolation of species abundance and distributions, spatio-temporal modeling of streamflow, and the relevance and role of statistical methods in the context of artificial intelligence development to address fisheries management and conservation questions.

Organizer: Tyler Wagner, United States Geological Survey, [email protected]

Co-organizers: Tyler Wagner, Gretchen Hansen, Erin Schliep, Christopher Wikle

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