AFS strives to preserve attendees’ abilities for personal interactions even within this virtual environment.  The personal connections made through AFS are pivotal and a primary goal of the organization.  AFS offers several technological options to facilitate the interaction between Virtual Annual Meeting attendees and presenters.  Symposium Organizers will have the opportunity to tailor their session’s virtual environment to facilitate personal interactions. Requests for live sessions are due by August 17.

Technology Options

(A) Advanced (Live session* + standard features below):

  • Scheduled meeting times via GoToMeeting platform supplied by AFS and linked on daily schedule
  • Attendees interact directly with presenters and organizers
    1. Live video session
    2. Chat box feature
  • We also encourage symposium organizers to be as creative as possible to facilitate interactions (see potential options below)

(B) Standard Features of Meeting Platform:

  1. Presenters schedule a time for interactive Q&A with attendees (optional, more details to be provided in email to presenters)
  2. Attendees post a question on the meeting software platform and presenters respond: Leave a Question, Get an Answer Later (asynchronous Q&A, included with all pre-recorded presentations)
    1. Attendees can upvote questions (i.e., rank popular questions to emphasize importance for an answer)
    2. Questions moderated by Program Committee and presenter, as needed

*Potential options for Live Session (Option A)

Symposium organizers are encouraged to be creative and facilitate live interactions with attendees.  Many approaches can be utilized within each time slot; those could include, but are not limited to, any mix of the following approaches:

  • Short summary presentation of the session to lead things off
    • Could be from keynote speaker for session (if applicable) or symposium organizer
  • Panel Discussion
    • All presenters
    • Smaller group(s)
  • Roundtable discussion approach with entire audience
  • Short video which showcases the topic with subsequent discussion
  • Social gathering “hang-out” approach with beverages
  • Short continuing education presentation to the group
  • Structured decision-making model with group on important action items
  • Offer door prizes for attending the time slot!

The key point with these live sessions is to engage with your attendees with 2-way communication.