Monday, September 14

tom frazer

Tom Frazer, Ph.D., Director, School of Natural Resources and Environment, University of Florida

Thomas K. Frazer currently serves as Chief Science Officer for the state of Florida. He is also a Professor at the University of Florida. Dr. Frazer holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Fisheries Biology from Humboldt State University and a Master’s Degree in Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences from the University of Florida. He earned his Ph.D. in Biological Sciences from the University of California, Santa Barbara. His research addresses contemporary and emerging environmental issues, and it is, by nature, interdisciplinary. His work involves collaborators from disparate disciplines, and it includes sampling and experiments conducted across a wide range of spatial and temporal scales. During his tenure at the University of Florida, Dr. Frazer has garnered substantial research funding to address topics pertaining to water quantity and quality, nutrient dynamics, biogeochemical processes, fish population dynamics, food web interactions, and ecological restoration of degraded ecosystems. He has conducted field research in both freshwater and marine systems around the globe, and he is intimately familiar with a broad suite of environmental and natural resource issues (e.g., eutrophication of fresh, estuarine, and coastal waters; invasive species; and the ecological impacts of contemporary environmental change, including coral bleaching, ocean acidification, and sea level rise). Dr. Frazer has authored and/or co-authored more than 175 peer-reviewed publications, technical reports, and book chapters. He serves as Chief Specialty Editor for the Coral Reef Research section of Frontiers in Marine Science, currently holds an at-large seat on the Gulf of Mexico Fishery Management Council, and is a member of APLU’s Board on Oceans, Atmosphere and Climate.

Wednesday, September 16

marcy mcginnis

Marcy McGinnis, formerly of CBS News, and Instructor and Co-founder, Alan Alda Center for Communicating Science

Marcy McGinnis’s career at CBS News spanned over three decades. She began as an entry-level secretary and rose through the producing ranks (assistant producer, associate producer, producer, senior producer, executive producer) in New York followed by an international assignment first as the London deputy bureau chief and then as London bureau chief and VP for Europe, Africa, and the Middle East. She was promoted to senior vice president and served as second-in-command at CBS News for 8 years, running worldwide news coverage and newsgathering. She was at the helm of the network’s coverage of 9/11, the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and Hurricane Katrina among others. She also trained, coached and mentored news personnel from entry to senior levels.

After CBS News, McGinnis became the founding associate dean of the Stony Brook University School of Journalism. She helped create the curriculum for the new journalism program and the new facilities including a newsroom, studio and control room. She taught and mentored hundreds of future TV, radio, print and digital journalists. McGinnis was also instrumental in the creation of the Alan Alda Center for Communicating Science and remains part of the team that trains scientists in the U.S. and around the world. She also helped create the Marie Colvin Center for International Reporting and the Center for News Literacy. Following her tenure with Stony Brook University, McGinnis joined the startup team of Al Jazeera America where she ran its worldwide newsgathering operation for 2 years.

McGinnis now uses her extensive experience as a journalist, news executive and academic leader to help others with their professional career paths and communication needs. A certified professional career coach, her coaching focuses on helping individuals navigate and manage their careers, so they reach their full potential and overcome their communication challenges. She is a strong believer that empathy, integrity and self-awareness are the foundations and motivating and inspiring forces of successful leadership. McGinnis also helps professionals improve their presentation skills – in all formats – one-on-one situations, in front of small or large audiences, and with the media including how to interact with television, radio, podcasts, print, and digital outlets.