Oregon RFID is a manufacturer of PIT tag monitoring equipment designed for standalone remote monitoring and easy installation. We have been serving customers since 2003.

We were the first to introduce the 12mm HDX tag and the first to provide push button auto tuning for HDX readers.  Starting in late 2020 our new PIT tag readers will provide detailed analysis of antenna performance.

Oregon RFID provides customers with technical support for constructing PIT tag monitoring systems. For those who would rather have readers commercially installed, there are companies worldwide who offer installation services.

Our European customers save on shipping and VAT charges by ordering directly from www.OregonRFID.EU.

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Oregon RFID Readers

Our ORSR single antenna reader has been available for over a year, but we are excited to announce the launch of our new ORMR multi antenna reader. The ORMR has many of the great features of the ORSR plus drives four large antennas. Click here for more information.

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