Fossil Creek, Arizona

The Instream Flow Council (IFC) and American Fisheries Society (AFS) have identified a critical need to assess and re-establish a centralized scientific and technical training center for quantification of instream flows and water levels.  This training has not been universally available to water use stakeholders since the closure of the Cooperative Instream Flow Service Group (CIFSG) in the late 1990s. Its absence is resulting in the fragmenting of uniform applications of instream flow and water level quantification methodologies and related research to improve methods. This work session will assess the level of interest to establish a permanent research and instream flow and water level conservation training center to serve the scientific and technical training needs of fisheries and wildlife professionals and other water stakeholder interests in the U.S. and around the world.

Bighorn Lake, Horseshoe Launch Ramp, Wyoming

With that need in mind, AFS and IFC are co-sponsoring a Work Session for Aug. 31st 2020 in conjunction with the AFS 150th annual meeting in Columbus, Ohio. This work session will involve presentations by invited speakers on the following topics, including audience participation:

  • History of the CIFSG, what they did and why the program ended
  • Current practices and the state of the science
  • Identification of future technical and scientific needs
  • Panel discussion on the need for and support of an instream flow and water level conservation research and training center

The desired outcomes for this session are to assess the level of support for re-establishing a research and training center, identify the next actions and milestones to develop a preliminary plan to pursue implementation, and solicit volunteer candidates to serve on a steering committee workgroup.

For further information contact:

Tom Annear: [email protected]

Christopher Estes: [email protected]

David Weedman: [email protected]