An industry trailblazer for four decades, Innovasea’s groundbreaking tracking technology is helping push the boundaries of science, facilitating cutting-edge research that leads to novel insights into aquatic animal behavior and survival.

Innovasea became the innovation leader in advanced acoustic telemetry tools and consulting services following the 2019 acquisition of Vemco and HTI, each of whom spent years investing in important research and development. Today we provide work-anywhere solutions that scientists around the world count on to answer important questions about aquatic animal behavior.

Products include various types and sizes of acoustic transmitters, automated receivers for long term behavioral studies, systems that deliver high-resolution position information, and environmental monitoring data loggers.

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Join us for Innovasea’s Fathom Software Demo and General Q&A on Wednesday, September 23rd at 11:45 – 12:45 EDT.

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Fathom Provides Software Solutions for All Phases of Your Study

Fathom fish tracking software consists of five applications that can be used alone or in conjunction with one another to give you full visibility into all aspects of your research efforts.

Fathom Connect lets you configure, initialize and offload data from your HR2 and HR3 receivers from your desktop. Download the software here.

Fathom Mobile lets you use an iOS or Android mobile device to connect to your 69 kHz receivers and view health and detection information, mark GPS locations for deployments and retrievals, record field data and even offload data from your receivers.

Fathom Central is a cloud-based storage hub for saving, managing and visualizing your acoustic telemetry data. It provides simple online tools to help with all phases of your study and helps you quickly prepare detection data and metadata for export to telemetry networks. Login here.

Fathom Live gives you real-time notifications about animal detections and environmental conditions and provides charting tools to help you visualize and interpret data quickly and easily.

Fathom Position lets you perform your own fine-scale positioning and generate your own animal tracks at any time – which is ideal for conducting multiple, short studies – and access your data from anywhere.