Personal Interactions in a Virtual World:  Angling for Answers Info Exchange

As a VAM attendee, you might be asking, “How do personal interactions occur during this virtual meeting?”. To encourage interactions with podium and poster presenters, we have developed the “Angling for Answers Info Exchange”, two opportunities for attendees to “cast” a question and for presenters take the “bait” and answer. Note: this opportunity is distinct from the live events organized for some symposia.

All presentations will include asynchronous question & answer, essentially “Leave a Question, Get an Answer Later.” Attendees will view a presentation, post comments and questions in a chat box, and the presenter will receive a notification and leave an answer. Other attendees can up-vote a question to “add bait”, prioritizing a response by the presenter.

152 presentations will include a 30 minute Angling Hours” session. During Angling Hours, a presenter will monitor the question & answer box for immediate interactive text-based chat with attendees during a specified time slot.  Check out our presenter schedule!

The Angling for Answers Info Exchange will be monitored by the Virtual Annual Meeting Program Committee, AFS staff, and the conference software vendor. The AFS Code of Conduct applies to all presenters and attendees when using this platform. Violations of this Code of Conduct should be reported promptly.

Also, another great platform for information exchange among attendees is the Slack app!  Check out the Angling for Answers channel at: