Sub-daily changes in flows such as those needed to modulate hydropower generation in response to variability in wind speed or solar radiation may come at a cost to riverine ecosystems. Although research on the ecological effects of flow on riverine fishes is well-established, our understanding of sub-daily flow patterns on fish in regulated rivers is nascent and the scale of effects are largely unknown. This session brings together research to expand our understanding of ecological responses to sub-daily flow variability in regulated rivers. Presentations discussing the use of in situ monitoring, manipulative experiments, modeling, and literature review to identify the extent of these flow variability impacts and potential flow mitigation strategies are encouraged and can provide valuable scientific insights to improving riverine ecosystem management and mitigation. Knowledge presented within this session will provide a broad suite of perspectives that can inform fisheries management strategies to balance societal and environmental needs.


  • Paul Matson, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, [email protected]
  • Brenda Pracheil, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
  • Bryan Bozeman, Oak Ridge National Laboratory